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Consider a few common questions about wraps.

How much does a wrap cost?

A full color-change wrap on a coup or sedan starts at approximately $3,500, a pickup $4,500. This does not include door jambs. Chrome wraps start at $9000. For commercial wrap or other graphic installations, please email the details of your request to: info@albertaprowrap.com

How long does a wrap last?

Wraps are designed to be temporary, to be removable. This allows for easy repairs to any damaged parts of a wrap. With proper care, a wrap will last usually between 3-5 years or longer. Winter driving will damage the wrap as the sand and stones on our Alberta roads pit and chip the vinyl. If a gloss wrap color is installed, it is recommended to have paint protection film applied over the wrap. If you plan to remove your wrap at some time, it is recommended that you do so within 5 years of installation. As the wrap is exposed to sunlight and the elements it will become more and more difficult to remove beyond 5 years.

Does a wrap protect the paint of a vehicle?

Vinyl wraps do protect your paint from scratches, sun fading, and chips. They offer the unique ability to protect your entire vehicle and at the same time customize the look of it. If any part of the wrap is damaged, it is easily removed and replaced. Vinyl wraps do not offer as much protection as clear 3M paint protection film, which is a thicker, tougher material.

How long will it take to have my vehicle wrapped?

A full wrap takes between 3-5 days to install. Generally, a vehicle is booked for 5 business days to have the wrap installed.

What are the advantages of a wrap vs. paint?

A full wrap can be half or even a quarter of the price of a custom paint job, and it offers more custom finishes and colors than paint can. A wrap protects your original paint and thus preserves the resale value of your vehicle, which would be reduced by a paint job. Wraps are also easily repaired if damaged, rather than repainting the damaged panels.

What warranty will my wrap come with?

The installation of your wrap is covered by a 1-year warranty. This covers any lifting, peeling, or bubbling resulting from an installation error. The wrap films carry varied warranties, depending on brand and color. They vary between 3 and 12 years. Chrome wraps do not have an installation or manufacturers warranty.

What colors and finishes are available?

PRO☆WRAP insists on using only premium vinyl wrap products. Please click on the following links to view color cards for each respective vinyl manufacturer. Avery 3M

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